Christina Newland is an award-winning journalist with bylines at The Guardian, VICE, Esquire, Broadly, Sight & Sound Magazine, BFI, Roger Ebert.com, Hazlitt, Fightland, and others. She has done everything from festival coverage to celebrity profiles, including a cover feature with director Nicolas Winding Refn. She also contributes a monthly print column on film and fashion history to Little White Lies Magazine. Her contribution to upcoming book Under My Thumb: The Songs that Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them, is due to be published by Repeater Press in 2017.

Christina has written on a variety of subjects, including culture, history, and sport, but is best known as a film critic and writer with specialist knowledge of American film history. In 2015, was awarded the Intellect Books (Masoud Yadzani) Award for Excellence in Film Scholarship. She has spoken at a variety of engagements across panels and festivals, including BFI’s The Created Woman sci-fi season, Broadway Cinema’s Mayhem Festival, and at various events for Derby QUAD. Her interest in the representation of women on film has led to her to work with feminist-led programmers like Reel Equality Film Club.

She is also the co-programmer at film society Watergate Cinematek, focused on screening some of the lesser-seen gems of '70s Hollywood. Screenings have included films like Vanishing PointThe Last Detail, and Hardcore. Watergate's latest project is the 'Gypsies, Roma, and Travellers On Film' event, funded by BFI and Film Hub Central East, and dedicated to breaking down stereotypes of the travelling community. You can find out more about it here.

Specifically, please ask me to write/talk about: 
boxing + the boxing film 
'70s New Wave, the counterculture + the Vietnam War. 
the machinations of the golden age studio system
onscreen masculinity in '70s America


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