Christina Newland is the lead film critic at the i Newspaper and an award-winning journalist on film, pop culture, and boxing at many other publications, including: Sight & Sound Magazine, EMPIRE, BBC, The Guardian, VICE, Hazlitt, The Ringer, and others. She is also a print columnist with Little White Lies Magazine ('Threads'.) Her substack newsletter, 'Sisters Under the Mink', about the depiction of women in crime cinema and tv, won a UK Freelance Writing Award in 2021. Her first book, an edited anthology called 'She Found it at the Movies: Women Writers on Sex, Desire, and Cinema' was published by Red Press in 2020. 

She has written on a variety of subjects, including culture, fashion, history, and sport, but is best known as a film critic and writer with specialist knowledge of American film history. She also has a consistent interest in boxing and has developed a growing pool of long-form writing on the sport, including investigative reportage. In addition, she writes longform biography on figures of cultural significance, from forgotten female movie producers to gypsy prizefighters during the Second World War. She has made appearances as a talking head in several documentaries, including Sky Arts 'Steve McQueen: The Lost Movie' and CNN documentary 'Reframed: Marilyn Monroe'. 

She is an enthusiastic and perceptive writer and reporter who is commmunicative and open with editors, and keen for opportunities to expand her culture writing for publications looking for short-term work that offers opportunities to delve into offbeat history and film culture.

You can find her on Twitter (@christinalefou) and her work at https://linktr.ee/christinanewland


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