Watergate Cinematek

        From our 4th of July Inaugural Launch: a double-bill of Vanishing Point + The Last Detail

Watergate Cinematek is a film club based in Nottingham and focused on the obscure gems and cult classics of the Hollywood New Wave, a movement which spanned from the late 1960’s to the early 1980’s. We are curated by Christina Newland, a freelance film critic, and Charles Newland, of Notown Productions.

We love counterculture road movies, anti-hippie vigilantes, second-wave women’s libbers, paranoid political thrillers, revisionist westerns, Altman’s dreamy weirdness, early Scorsese movies, allegorical Vietnam stories, literal Vietnam stories, sleazy, grimy ’70s New York, nostalgic teen movies, and….white Dodge Challengers.

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