Periodical - Issues 2+3

 I'm very proud to be a part of Periodical, a quarterly iPad-oriented film publication created by Adam Batty from Issue 3, focusing on Children & Film, has just been released as of this week, featuring my article 'Fatalistic Children: Out of the Blue and The Cinema of Dennis Hopper'. The previous Issue (2), on various New Waves, featured my article about Richard Brooks' 1977 film, Looking for Mr. Goodbar. It was an academic piece entitled, 'Freedom to Go to Hell: The Dialectic of Male Rage and Feminine Viewing Pleasure in the Hollywood New Wave'. You can find links to all of these below:

                                           Periodical 2 Online 

                                           Periodical 2 for iPad 

                                               Periodical 3 Online

                                               Periodical 3 for iPad



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